Mission Statement

The mission of the Official Police Garage Association of Los Angeles is to individually and collectively, as an Association; provide the City of Los Angeles with the most efficient and effective service possible.

Values are at the core and are essential to the success of the organization and the service they provide. Commitment, Communication, Training, Support, Attitude and Pride are at the cornerstone of the OPG philosophy.

The OPG’s strive for fundamentally sound principles based on uniformity. The cohesiveness within the group provides the City with a structure that lends itself towards consistency amongst OPG contractees, which provide the identical services to the City’s law enforcement agencies. This type of structure also allows the City unlimited resources to address events with such magnitudes as the Olympics, the LA Marathon and the Academy Awards. It also gives the city the ability to mobilize quickly during times of crises.

The continuity of the Association also allows the City to regulate the OPG’s in the most professional and uniform manner. The unified composition of the OPG’s has been marveled and duplicated by other Cities and Countries due to its effectiveness in performance and regulation.