Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many OPGs are there in the City of Los Angeles?
A. There are currently 18 OPGs.

Q. How many OPGs can handle Heavy Duty towing?
A. 2 OPGs are contracted to handle Heavy Duty towing.

Q. How many people do OPGs employ?
A. Over 500 employees are currently employed by the OPGs.

Q. How many tow trucks are utilized by OPGs?
A. There are 208 tow trucks available.

Q. How many forklifts are utilized by OPGs?
A. There are 62 forklifts available.

Q. How much storage space do OPGs have?
A. 93 acres of storage space.

Q. Do OPGs have indoor or Secure Investigative Hold spaces and how many?
A. There are 209 indoor and Secure Investigative Hold spaces.